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Spring – 5 Element Blend – special offer


*** Special offer ***
£9.99 inc. p&p for 5ml to newsletter readers
(usually £12.99 + p&p)

Get ready for Spring with our Wood element essential oil blend



This Blend was created to support and balance the Wood Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Wood Element is responsible for the smooth flow of “qi” in our physical and emotional selves; it is also associated with the season of Spring. It can be used for new beginnings, fertility in all its senses, energy, the workaholic, clearing, cleansing, feeling “stuck”, stressed, unfulfilled, angry and frustrated, anxiety, depression. Excellent as a room spray for clearing stagnant energies.

Combining essential oils of Basil, Cedarwood, Cypress, Fennel, Frankincense, Hyssop, Juniper, Marjoram, Myrtle, Neroli, Orange, Patchouli, Ravensara, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.

Contraindications: allergy/sensitivity to oils, pregnancy (inhalation only)