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Aromatherapy Car Diffuser



Aromatherapy car diffuser (including 10 pads), plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet to release essential oil aroma. A safe and very effective way of subtly releasing the aromatic properties of aromatherapy essential oils whilst driving. The pads are unscented so you can add your favourite essential oil or essential oil blend.

Instructions: To minimize skin contact. Slide the pad partly into the slot in the diffuser, leaving enough of the pad visible to drop oil onto. Then add 4 to 6 drops of essential oil or fragrance oil to the pad and the tilt the diffuser back so the pad slides fully into the diffuser. Plug the diffuser into the cigarette lighter outlet. The diffuser fits quite tightly into the outlet, but will loosen after several uses. To ease removal for the first few uses press against the car trim whilst pulling out the diffuser.

Add additional oil every 2 days. Replace the diffuser pad after 8 to 10 uses or when the pad loses its absorbency.

Safe Usage: Avoid skin contact with saturated car diffuser pads and oil to prevent possible skin irritation. Do not allow the car diffuser pads or oil to come into contact with car interior.