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Seven Chakra Yoga Mat Bag in saffron yellow


Unique seven Chakra design yoga mat bag.
Size: Length 71cm x Width 22cm.

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Seven Chakra design yoga mat bag. A unique home for your yoga mat, mindfully and beautifully hand stitched and made with love.

Also available in deep orange/brown and green colours.

All Chakra Project products are 100% handmade hand stitched with vibrant rainbow colours of the seven Chakras. The Chakra designs were created by Amina – spiritual mother, healer, artist and founder of the Chakra Project and The School of Healing Arts. The original design and development of the Chakra wall hangings in this chain stitch art took her two full years to complete. She now trains a small group of girls every year through The School of Healing Arts, and the girls are then involved with the Chakra Project self-healing and self-empowerment scheme.