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Product making course assessment form

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    Question 1 (4 marks)

    List four potential contraindications/cautions (as opposed to personal risk factors) for use with essential oils.

    Question 2 (3 marks)

    What causes essential oils to oxidise?

    Question 3 (3 marks)

    Look at your tables / Therapeutic Blend Profiles – List three situations or times when Blend 6 would be useful.

    Question 4 (1 mark)

    Look at your tables / Therapeutic Blend Profiles – Which Blend would combine well with Blend 6 if the client was suffering due to not being able to sleep?

    Question 5 (1 mark)

    Which cosmetic base could you use when making a nurturing face product?

    Question 6 (1 mark)

    Which carrier would be best suited for someone who has eczema over an extensive area of their legs?

    Question 7 (1 mark)

    What is used to dissolve essential oil in water?

    Question 8 (1 mark)

    Look at the Dilutions Table – General Guidelines - If making a shampoo for an 8 year old with head lice, how many drops of blend 16 would you use for in 100mls of shampoo?

    Question 9 (3 marks)

    When choosing a dilution, please select which of the following is true in finding the best dilution?

    Question 10 (1 mark)

    If making a cream for a client who is experiencing recurring, but not severe, athlete’s foot, how many drops would you use in 100g of cream?

    Question 11 (3 marks)

    Can you name three personal risk factors?

    Question 12 (1 mark)

    In which section would you find the table that shows what contraindication each blend has?

    Question 13 (2 marks)

    In which sections would you find the general guidelines for diluting the blends in each carrier?

    Question 14 (2 marks)

    Which two blends would you use to help a client who suffers from regular headaches?

    Question 15 (1 mark)

    Which blend would you use to help a client who is suffering from morning sickness?

    Question 16 (2 marks)

    Which two blends would you use to help a client who is suffering from psoriasis on their scalp?

    Question 17 (2 marks)

    What would be a good Blend to use for Sunburn and what would you make with it?

    Question 18 (3 marks)

    Give an example of a Blend Affinity, naming three blends:

    Question 19 (2 marks)

    Is there a reason that using Sweet Almond Oil may not be a good idea?

    Question 20 (3 marks)

    Why do you need a preservative in a water based product?

    Question 21 (2 marks)

    Can you use a hydrolate/floral water as a base for a product and would you need a preservative?

    Question 22 (1 mark)

    Which Chakra Oil is suggested for Self Esteem?

    Question 23 (1 mark)

    Which Energetic Blend could be good for ‘Clearing’ and ‘New Beginnings’?

    Question 24 (1 mark)

    What do you need to do before selling any cosmetic products at retail or on your website?