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Aromatherapy Product Making Course with essential oils

* Update Spring 2023 – we are closed for bookings until autumn 2023. Please get in touch if you would like to be updated on future course dates *

New Online Course

Aromatherapy Product Making using Pre-blended Essential Oils

This is an inspiring online course learning about pre-blended essential oils, making safe and effective products for yourself, family and friends and taking away the knowledge to carry on making your own products for sale in a retail setting.

You will learn how to make cream and lotion products and rollerballs, room and mister sprays, all using high quality pure essential oil blends.

We have over fifty, fantastic, unique essential oil blends covering a wide range of therapeutic and energetic situations.

Learn how to effectively use essential oil blends to help in all aspects of your health and wellbeing. Our Blends allow you to use essential oils safely and effectively and by using our Blends we take the guess work out of Aromatherapy for you. 

“It is so much more than just a product making course. There is so much information about essential oils and the blends and so many notes to keep, as well as the practical side of making products which is great fun.”

What will you learn on the course?

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Main aims of the Course

This online Aromatherapy Product Making course, serves as a comprehensive guide to using our unique essential oil blends and teaches you to make safe and effective products and treatments using the Blends for your own personal use, for friends and family, your therapy practice, for gifts and making products to sell, whether at events, online or in retail.

Successful participants receive a Certificate on completion of their course assessment enabling you to gain insurance for making products using our Blends.

Benefits of an Online Course:

  • More time available to go through oils in depth
  • You will still receive our full manual as you would for an attended course
  • Sessions will be recorded and available to view again
  • Live Zoom sessions, so questions can be asked
  • Full support via email or phone and opportunity to meet up in future

Module 1:

  • Introduction and Development of Aromatic Oils
  • About our Blends – origin and development of the Blends
  • How essential oils work in the body
  • Essential Oil Safety, Storage of Essential Oils, Hygiene and Risk Assessments
  • Looking at Therapeutic Blends, introduction to most widely used
  • Choosing how to make the right product – Fact finding (Friends & Family)
  • Simple product making with natural base cream

Module 2:

  • Understanding Dilutions, drops v percentages v weight. The 100 Rule!
  • Appropriate carriers and dilutions for client/condition
  • Client Care – Consultation procedure and Contraindications
  • Looking at putting Blends together for more complex situations
  • Product making with creams, lotions and oils

Module 3:

  • Introduction to further therapeutic and energetic blends
  • A-Z Ailment Guide
  • Preservatives and Why & When
  • Aqueous products, Room and Aura Sprays, Rollerballs

Module 4:

  • Safe and Effective Diffusion
  • Inhalers
  • Aroma psychology
  • Intro to Balms, Salts and Solids and other interesting things to make
  • What is cosmetic formulating, and can you do it?

Module 5:

  • Putting it all together
  • Recap Live Q&A
  • Final assessment
  • Summary and the Future – What’s next

Course notes will be emailed prior to each session.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand the history and ethos of the Blends and essential oils
  • Understand the difference between fragrance oils and pure essential oils and the myth of therapeutic grade
  • Understand the importance of safety and the correct storage of essential oils and a high level of hygiene while preparing products/treatments.
  • Understand the importance of treating a person holistically and making products taking the “whole” person into consideration
  • To understand the importance of contraindications when using essential oils and the Blends
  • Be able to access, understand and demonstrate the importance of varying dilutions of products and using the appropriate carrier for the person/condition
  • Be able to choose an appropriate Blend or combination of Blends
  • Be able to competently make products using different types of media

Cost of the Course = £299

To include a starter kit worth over £75

Further Kits will be available to purchase

Introduction to Marketing – packaging, pricing and labelling and Product Compliance Requirements – Free within a year

Participants will receive an Aromatherapy Product Making Certificate – a fully certified and insurable qualification for individuals and organisations in the use and application of these specific blended essential oils.

“I 100% recommend Sally and Kate’s online product making course. It is so much more than just a product making course. There is so much information about essential oils and the blends and so many notes to keep, as well as the practical side of making products which is great fun. They present it really well, are really knowledgeable about so many things, and there’s plenty of time for group questions and discussions. It is also really good value for money. Thank you.”

“Thank you thank you thank you for the blessing of this fabulous course! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am really excited about my future journey with the blends.”

Please contact us for details of the next course dates.